The Barham family name is unique and full of history. Based on searches from myself and others in my family, we believe that we are descendants of Richard Fitz-Urse line. The information on this web page is based on research and good faith.

The Barham is pronounced like "Bar-rum". Over the course of several years, I still find it interesting and humorous the different pronunciations and spellings that I have heard. The name is very old and can be traced back to at least 799. The original spelling was Bioraham. The name is a concatenation of two words, Biora, which is derived from Beora. Beora is related to the Saxon word bera, which translates to bear The second part is Ham which means settlement or homestead.

The spelling of Barham has changed through time. In 805, the spelling was Beoraham. The spelling then changed to Berham in 1086, and then with the final spelling of Barham in 1610. The reasons for the name changes are not yet known to me, but I hope to find out.

Listed below are some web page links that I have found and have found them very interesting and related to the Richard Fitz-Urse line.

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